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UK mom Juliet Jarvis had quite the Halloween surprise last weekend.
Around 4:30 am on Sunday, she was woken by the sound of what she believed was her son Stewart Kinsey drunkenly returning home from a costume party.

She found the inebriated man, whose face was painted to look like a skull, lying on her dressing room floor under a duvet cover.

Jarvis slipped a pillow under his head and adjusted the bedding to make him more comfortable, like any caring parent would, before returning to bed.

Hours later, Jarvis’ husband delivered some unexpected news, telling the 49-year-old, "There's a naked bloke upstairs, and it's not Stewart.”
The man with the painted face was, in fact, Marc Campfield.
The 29-year-old had been kicked out of a club in nearby Surrey after falling asleep, and somehow made his way to Jarvis’ home -- quite a feat, considering it was “in the middle of nowhere” and more than 3.5 miles away from his house.

Sharing the hilarious encounter on Facebook, Jarvis admits there were a couple of signs the man she was lovingly tucking in wasn’t, in fact, her 30-year-old son.
“When I gave him a pillow he said ‘thank you’ and I thought, ‘Hmmm, Stewart sounds very polite,” she wrote.

She was also surprised that her son’s car wasn’t outside and that he had decided to drop in for a quick nap at such an odd hour.
“But he looked like my son enough to pass a cursory. (Stew changes his hair and [facial hair] a lot),” she continued. “I thought his hand looked mucky, but figured it could be that his car broke, and just thought, ‘Ah well, Stewart does funny stuff, he can explain what he is up to in the morning’.”
hankfully she and her husband saw the humor and laughed about the incident with their "nice new son" the following morning, before lending him one of Stewart’s T-shirts and dropping him off at his home.

“[He was] obviously housetrained by someone, he knew not to walk mud through, his shoes were in the conservatory [an enclosed porch],” she added on Facebook.
Campfield admitted had no idea how he ended up in a stranger’s house and tried to pretend he was a friend of Stewart’s when he was discovered.
Alas, it didn’t work.

[ads-post] “The lady took a picture of me to send to him — I knew then I had been rumbled,” he tells The Sun.
As for Stewart, he’s not overly happy with his mother.
“I’m going to have some serious words with my mother — she still can't recognize me after all these years,” he joked to The Sun.
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Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah is a model turned actress and is also the second runner up of Classic Diamond Jewelers Fashion Competition 2014. She is debuted in the Nepali movies from the movie Dreams as a lead actress opposite to Anmol KC.

The movie ‘Dreams’ became hit movie of 2016. Samragyee RL Shah won the Best Newcomer Actress Award at the FAAN 2016 award. Samragyee’s Royal blood is confirmed. 


  • Name:-Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah
  • Nickname:-Priyanka Shah
  • Date of Birth:-Nomember 18, 1995
  • Birth Place:-Birgunj
  • Education:-Bachlor's Degree


Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah studied from grade 1 to grade 3 in St.Xavier school in Birgunj. In grade 4 she went to New Dehli to study in a Sai baba school.After completing grade 6,she went to Kathmandu to study in Royal Academy of India,Kathmandu.She completed her schooling and did her plus two in the same school


  • Noticable Achivement:-2nd runner up of face of Classic Diamond Jewelers 2014 
  • Best Newcomer Actress - FAAN Award 2072 B.S. for the movie Dreams


  • Dreams (2016)
  • A Mero Hajur 2
Here are some of the Stunning Photos Collection of Samragyee RL Shah

Everybody knows that fame and fortune can be fleeting—you still have to make intelligent financial choices. You’d think celebrities would be able to manage their money, but sometimes, stars remind us that they’re only human and they make mistakes too. Here are a few celebrities who’ve hit rock bottom.


The National Treasure actor squandered more than $150 million in extravagant purchases. There was a time when he owned about a dozen properties, including two castles that he never spent a single night in and a private island in the Bahamas. After declaring bankruptcy in 2009, Cage has been trying to replenish his bank account by making as many movies as possible. He’s in at least five small-budget films this year.


He was the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history and was worth over $300 million at his peak. A divorce, a rape accusation, and three years in prison later, Tyson returned to the ring as a damaged boxer and tore off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear with his teeth. Tyson had to pay Holyfield $3 million in compensation and declared bankruptcy in 2003, with over $18 million in debt. The fallen champion now plays the voice of his own character in the animated show Mike Tyson Mysteries.


The young actress, who was once the apple of the public’s eye, has since become a lesson on what not to do. Alcohol, drugs, arrests—the star’s decline was on full display for the public’s viewing pleasure. Begging on social media in order to survive, she attracted the sympathy of actor Charlie Sheen, who gave her $100,000 in 2012 to settle some debts. She still owes a total of $500,000 today and is unable to find work on the big screen.


Despite being one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood, bad career choices and a frightening lifestyle are on their way to bringing the Jack Sparrow actor to ruin. Depp’s agents say he’s earned more than $650 million over the course of his career, but is now struggling to pay the bills for his wild spending, including $30,000 on wine per month, a $10 million yacht, and roughly 40 full-time employees costing him $3.6 million per year. The 54-year-old is suing his agents for mismanagement of his finances. It’s clear Depp is counting on his earnings from the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film to replenish his bank account.


Lil’ Kim, often called the Queen of Rap, obviously spends more money on changing her appearance than paying her debts. Along with being sued by her former legal team for non-payment for services, she owes the government a tidy sum approaching $1 million, as she hasn’t paid her taxes in almost seven years. It seems she can’t count on a hit to earn any money, as she hasn’t been on the charts for quite some time.


After neglecting to pay over $17 million in back taxes from the early 2000s, the star of the series Blade went to jail for three years. Since then, he has been working on several small movie projects and is still appealing his case, claiming he was the victim of a conspiracy.


Sometimes it takes several tries to learn a lesson. The R&B singer, famous for the hit “Un-Break My Heart,” declared bankruptcy, not once, but twice, in 1996 and 2010. Thanks to her second financial ruin, Braxton was able to avoid over $13 million in debt to Sony Music. Along with battling lupus, Braxton hasn’t been able to rekindle the success she had in the ’90s, but you can catch her on her reality show Braxton Family Values.

"What would you like to have? Hot or Cold?" Deepak asked me when I entered his home. "Um.. Cold!" I made my request. But I saw lots of things in his refrigerator which never should be refrigerated. His Fridge was so smelly as well as ugly. Apart, some foods are better if they are not refrigerated.

Technology has brought our world to a new era. These days, most of us have refrigerator at home. It has helped us to serve fresh foods and store foods for a long time. But these are those foods you never should serve refrigerated. These foods are better if you serve it without refrigerating :


he moisture of the refrigerator will eventually turn onions soft and moldy. Keep them in a cool, dry place instead. But don't put them near your potatoes. When stored together, both deteriorate faster.


Leaving coffee beans or grounds in the fridge will make them lose their flavor and even take on the flavor of foods around them. Store large quantities in the freezer, and smaller amounts in a cool, dark place.


Storing olive oil in the fridge will make it condense and turn into a harder, butter-like consistency.


It's better to keep basil sitting out in a fresh cup of water, like cut flowers. It wilts faster in the refrigerator and absorbs the smells of all the food around it.


Honey will stay good practically forever if you keep it tightly sealed at room temperature.


Garlic will start to sprout in the fridge eventually. It may also get rubbery and moldy, so it's best to keep in a cool, dry place.


The refrigerator will dry out your bread quickly. Unless it's sliced sandwich bread that you plan on using in the next few days, keep it in the freezer or on the counter instead.


Trying to ripen your avocados? Definitely don't put them in the fridge. However, already-ripe ones that you aren't going to use right away can go in there.


Keeping potatoes in the fridge will make them sweet and gritty, since the cold environment turns their starch into sugar more quickly. Instead, store them in a paper bag in a cool - but not cold - place.


Tomatoes lose all their flavor in the fridge because the cold air stops the ripening process. Refrigeration also changes their texture.

Russia is desperate to control its spending on the 2018 World Cup, and a farmer might just have the answer straw. In a project straight out of the “Three Little Pigs” fairy tale, Roman Ponomaryov has built a straw replica of the 43 billion ruble ($700 million) stadium in St. Petersburg which will host World Cup semifinals.

His arena made of 4,500 straw bales comes with tiered seating for 300 and flagpoles. It hosted its first tournament _ for local teams only _ last weekend using modified soccer rules. “It’s good to get people excited and create a sports atmosphere ahead of the World Cup,” Ponomaryov said in a recent interview.

The real St. Petersburg Stadium has drawn ire for its cost, corruption scandals, delays, and workers’ deaths. Ponomaryov is a fan of the Zenit St. Petersburg club and says he modeled his straw Stadium on Zenit’s new home in a gentle dig at the problems around the construction. “It seemed pretty strange … how the cost of the stadium and its construction time frame were increasing,” he said.

 Russia’s total World Cup budget is around $10.7 billion. Zenit has accepted the straw stadium with good humor,offering Ponomaryov a ticket to a game at the real thing. The harvest will keep him on the farm for the next few weeks, though, and he has in mind another project _ organizing a Straw World Cup.

If you have diabetes, healthy snacks are particularly important – so don’t fall prey to the allure of chips just yet.

First, think about whether you really need a snack. Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you need to snack regularly. “It really depends on the individual and their typical meal pattern and physical activity routine,” says registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Alison Massey, who is director of diabetes education for Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.

Just who may benefit from a snack? “For individuals who have long periods of time between meals that exceed four to five hours, they may need a snack to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia,” Massey says. Similarly, someone who is very active may need a snack before or after exercise.

Still, “I prefer that individuals don’t feel that they absolutely must snack, especially if they aren’t hungry,” she says.
Brenda Braslow, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator in Denver, has also observed patients, especially those on insulin, who eat frequently because they are afraid of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. But snacking is not necessarily the answer. “That person needs to talk with their health care provider to make an adjustment of medication to prevent [blood sugar] lows,” she says.

At the same time, for the right person, snacking can help prevent dangerous blood sugar lows.

If snacking is the right option for you right now, then look for snacks that combine quality carbohydrates with protein, recommends clinical dietitian Ashley Wilson of Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida.

Braslow agrees. “Adding a protein or fat to the carb helps to sustain the blood glucose and can increase satiety, carrying the person longer to the next meal,” she explains.

Keep your snack’s carb count relatively low – somewhere between 15 to 25. Here are a few snack ideas that fill you up without sending your blood sugar into a spiral:

1. Nuts and seeds. 

“These are a favorite of mine to recommend because they are low in carbohydrates per serving and very satisfying, providing a combination of protein, healthy fat and fiber,” Massey says.


2.Cheese and Yogurt: 

 An ounce of cheese with whole grain crackers or plain yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh fruit. These ideas offer both protein and calcium, Massey says.

3. Apple and Nut Butter

A small apple with 1 tablespoon of nut butter. “I advise people to experiment with snack choices,” Braslow says. Notice if adding that tablespoon of nut butter helps you feel full longer than just the apple itself.


4. Three cups of popcorn sprinkled with a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese.

5. Blueberries and Cottage Cheese:

One cup of blueberries with a dollop of 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, a half teaspoon of raw sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

6. Tomato, Celery and Cucumber:

Ten grapes, one cup of tomatoes, celery and cucumber slices with one tablespoon of hummus.

7. Yogurt and Berries

Unsweetened Greek yogurt with a few berries. Berries are a low-carb fruit, Wilson says.

If you want to add more volume to your snacks, Braslow suggests adding “filler” vegetables like tomatoes, celery or cucumber slices. And if you need to add a protein source, add a hard-boiled egg, as Wilson suggests.

As you plan your next snack, follow these suggestions to avoid common snacking mistakes seen by registered dietitians:

Have a ready-made snack with you. “Don’t get stuck running errands and feeling your glucose level drop with no snack around. I advise people to carry a portioned snack with them, like a granola bar or a snack bag of crackers and nuts,” Braslow says. Some people will have shakes or snack bars made for people with diabetes as their ready-to-go snack. Although Wilson isn’t opposed to this, she does recommend reading the label before you buy to make sure the product isn’t loaded with carbs or sugar.
Avoid snacks that are too high in carbs or calories. “Snacks that are very high in carbohydrates can elevate blood glucose levels too much before the next meal, especially for individuals with Type 2 diabetes that may not be taking insulin to ‘cover’ those snack occasions,” Massey says. She also advises people who are not extremely active to stick to snacks of less than 150 calories.
Stick to one serving instead of eating mindlessly. “When you don’t portion out your food serving, you have no idea how much you are eating,” Braslow says. “Don’t set yourself up by keeping a box of crackers in your desk drawer or a large bag of trail mix in the car.” It’s just way too easy to underestimate what you eat. Instead, check the serving size in advance and find small bowls or snack bags to portion snacks.
Don’t skip your meals. Skipping meals, especially when you use certain diabetes medications, can be especially dangerous, Wilson says. It could also set you up for mindless snacking later, which you want to avoid.
Vary your snacks. If you eat the same apple every day, it’s only natural that you may sneak over to the vending machine to see what else is there. “Mix it up to keep it appealing,” Braslow recommends.

United Nations World Population Day, observed on July 11 annually, seeks to raise awareness about population issues worldwide. With the human population growing at an alarming rate, we look at 31 cities ranked by population, according to the UN data from 2016.

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