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Female Celebrities Who Have Been to Jail

1. Michelle Rodriguez

One of the lead actresses of the “Lost” serial Michelle Rodriguez got the 6-months sentence, but in prison she spent only 17 days and was released early. In 2006 the actress was arrested for drunken driving and got a 60 days sentence in prison. According to the Penalty System those people who committed light crimes may be released earlier. So Michelle got probation only. But quite soon she violated the probation and was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

2.Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most scandalous Hollywood actress. She was arrested several times because of driving the car being totally drunk. As a result, Lindsay got a conditional imprisonment. But the actress violated the conditions of her punishment and was sentenced to 30 days in prison. Lindsay was released in 4,5 hours though because the prison was overcrowded.

3. Nicole Richie

In Decemder 2011 an anonymous called New York City police and reported that Nicole was driving at extremely high speed in her Mercedes in the opposite line. Police tried to make the celebrity stop her car. And only after 20 minutes she did it. The girl was heavily drunk and refused to pass the alcohol test. Later experts said that there was not only alcohol but some strong drugs in Nicole’s blood. She received a prison sentence , which by the way was the same prison where Lindsay had spent her 4,5 hours.

4.Paris Hilton

One of the most famous blondes of the world and the heir of the founder of popular hotel chain Paris Hilton also had some problems with the law. In 2006 she was arrested for drunken driving. She paid $1500 fine and 36-months probationary period. But in 2007 (January) she was arrested for driving with the invalid driver’s license. And in February Paris was caught over speeding and with the dead-lights off at night. After all these offenses Paris spent 23 days in prison.Then in 2010, in August, the actress was arrested in Las Vegas. Police stopped her boyfriend’s car because a strong smell of marijuana was coming from there. When Paris got out from the car she “dropped” a packet of cocaine.

5.Lil’ Kim

The judge sentenced the singer to 1 year and 1 day in prison and to $50 000 fine for perjury under oath. This incident happened in 2001. Two Kim’s friends participated in a shootout, but the girl refused that fact in the court. When those boys pleaded guilty Lil’ Kim was arrested.


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